Community and Emergency Services Committee

Tom Davies Square

Councillor Lapierre, Chair



4:30 p.m.  Open Session Council Chamber / Electronic Participation


City of Greater Sudbury Council and Committee meetings are accessible and generally held in the Council Chamber at Tom Davies Square unless otherwise stated on the agenda.  Some meetings are broadcast on Eastlink at Eastlink’s discretion.  With the exception of closed meetings held in accordance with the Municipal Act, 2001, meetings are open to the public for attendance in-person.  Where possible, meetings are livestreamed and the recordings are saved for public viewing on the City’s website at:

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For the purpose of convenience and for expediting meetings, matters of business of repetitive or routine nature are included in the Consent Agenda, and all such matters of business contained in the Consent Agenda are voted on collectively.

A particular matter of business may be singled out from the Consent Agenda for debate or for a separate vote upon the request of any Councillor. In the case of a separate vote, the excluded matter of business is severed from the Consent Agenda, and only the remaining matters of business contained in the Consent Agenda are voted on collectively.

Each and every matter of business contained in the Consent Agenda is recorded separately in the minutes of the meeting.



This report provides a recommendation regarding Healthy Community Initiative (HCI) funding requests. By-law 2018-129 requires Council’s approval for all eligible HCI Capital fund requests exceeding $10,000 and Grant requests exceeding $1,000.



This report provides recommendations to enter into two single source contracts, both with a contract term of five years, plus a five-year extension option (ten-year total) with Dependable Emergency Vehicles for the purchase of fire tankers, and with Hurst Jaws of Life for the purchase of auto extrication equipment.



As presented by Councillor Lapierre:

WHEREAS part the 2024/2025 budget included a capital project for the repurposing of ski hill lift equipment to be installed at the Lively Ski Hill;

AND WHEREAS funding for Lively Ski Hill chalet improvements were previously included in the 2023 capital budget;

AND WHEREAS the City of Greater Sudbury Core Services Review (2020) suggests ski hills are a unique and discretionary services offered by the City of Greater Sudbury;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Greater Sudbury directs staff to suspend all capital work on these projects, other than essential health and safety items, and present a report by April 2024 to the Community and Emergency Services Committee providing information on the following:

  • further details on the Lively Ski Hill capital projects including updated project estimates;
  • alternatives to continuing with the projects as originally contemplated;
  • utilization and operating costs of City of Greater Sudbury operated ski hills;
  • recommended utilization targets for ski hills.



As presented by Councillors Parent and Lapierre:

WHEREAS the City of Greater Sudbury is committed to and will continue to work towards making its facilities, programs and services accessible to all citizens;

AND WHEREAS access to recreation is a vital part in creating a sense of community for residents of the City of Greater Sudbury and one way to achieve successful access to recreation is to improve and increase the number of accessible parking at recreational facilities;

AND WHEREAS the City of Greater Sudbury is in the process of coordinating Barrier-free Accessibility Assessments on most of its facilities, including arenas, which would review the number of parking stalls, types of accessible parking spaces required, signage and pathways of travel;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Greater Sudbury direct staff to present a report to the Community and Emergency Services Committee prior to the 2025 budget review discussions, which would include the accessible parking improvements required at arenas and the costs to make the necessary improvements.

This report provides information regarding increasing challenges related to provincial human health resources in paramedic services and the work of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) Health Transformation Task Force together with the Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs to address these staffing issues.

This report provides information regarding the financial particulars of each Ward’s Healthy Community Initiative Fund allocation for the period of January 1, 2023, to December 31, 2023, in accordance with By-law 2018-129.

This report provides an update on the City of Greater Sudbury Paramedic Services’ Response Time Standard Plan.