Operations Committee

Tom Davies Square

Councillor Signoretti, Chair


2:00 p.m.  Open Session, Council Chamber / Electronic Participation


City of Greater Sudbury Council and Committee Meetings are accessible and are broadcast publicly
online and on television in real time and will also be saved for public viewing on the City’s website at:

Please be advised that if you make a presentation, speak or appear at the meeting venue during a
meeting, you, your comments and/or your presentation may be recorded and broadcast.

By submitting information, including print or electronic information, for presentation to City Council or
Committee you are indicating that you have obtained the consent of persons whose personal information is included in the information to be disclosed to the public.

Your information is collected for the purpose of informed decision-making and transparency of City Council decision-making under various municipal statutes and by-laws and in accordance with the Municipal Act, 2001, Planning Act, Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the City of Greater Sudbury’s Procedure By-law.

For more information regarding accessibility, recording your personal information or live-streaming, please contact Clerk’s Services by calling 3-1-1 or emailing [email protected].







For the purpose of convenience and for expediting meetings, matters of business of repetitive or routine nature are included in the Consent Agenda, and all such matters of business contained in the Consent Agenda are voted on collectively.

A particular matter of business may be singled out from the Consent Agenda for debate or for a separate vote upon the request of any Councillor. In the case of a separate vote, the excluded matter of business is severed from the Consent Agenda, and only the remaining matters of business contained in the Consent Agenda are voted on collectively.

Each and every matter of business contained in the Consent Agenda is recorded separately in the minutes of the meeting.




This report provides a recommendation regarding traffic control at the intersection of Estelle Street at Eclipse Crescent in Sudbury.



This presentation provides information regarding Phase 2 of the Solid Waste Management Master Plan. 



This presentation provides information regarding the upcoming construction projects for 2023.



This report provides information regarding the status of the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Community Grant Program, an overview of results from the 2021 and 2022 intakes as well as a description of the approved projects for the 2023 intake.

This report provides an overview of winter maintenance activities for the 2022/2023 winter control season up to and including the month of March 2023.

This report provides information regarding collision statistics and trends for roadways in the City of Greater Sudbury and outlines steps that have been taken to improve road safety for all users. In addition, the report provides an update on the status of the network screening program.