Operations Committee

Tom Davies Square

Councillor Signoretti, Chair


2:00 p.m.  Open Session, Council Chamber / Electronic Participation


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Adopting, Approving or Receiving Items in the Consent Agenda



This report provides a recommendation regarding safety concerns related to on-street parking along Beatrice Crescent in the area of the Adanac Ski Hill.

This report provides a recommendation to reassign the right-of-way at the intersection of Scarlett Road at Greenbriar Drive to implement a standard uniform system of traffic control.



This presentation and report provides an overview of winter maintenance activities for the 2023/2024 winter control season up to and including the month of December 2023.



This report provides a recommendation regarding on-street parking restrictions on Emile Street in Chelmsford in response to resolution OP2023-39.



As presented by Councillor Landry-Altmann:

WHEREAS in August of 2023, Operations Committee passed resolution OP2023-27 stating that the City of Greater Sudbury directs staff to conduct a traffic study of the intersection at 901 Lasalle Boulevard, and present the results of that study, together with an option for the installation of an advanced green traffic light for the westbound left turning lane at 901 Lasalle Boulevard;

AND WHEREAS pursuant to resolution OP2023-27, City staff conducted a traffic count and a review of collision history from which they concluded that a westbound protected left turn phase is not warranted at this intersection;

AND WHEREAS the building at 901 Lasalle Boulevard houses approximately 330 persons, of which 80% are seniors;

AND WHEREAS because of the demographics of the building at 901 Lasalle Boulevard, there is increased traffic to that building at various hours throughout each and every day and evening, which includes services such as handi-transit, personal support workers, meal and prescription deliveries to name a few;

AND WHEREAS the vehicle detection loop to detect westbound left turning vehicles was already installed in the asphalt during the last intersection upgrade;

AND WHEREAS the total estimated cost to add a protected left turn phase for westbound vehicles at the Lasalle Court Mall intersection is approximately $5,000 as October 16th, 2023 in anticipation of future development in that area;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Greater Sudbury directs that staff proceed with a 2 year pilot project for a westbound protected left turn phase on Lasalle Boulevard and that they present an update report on the pilot project at the end of each year.

As presented by Councillor Fortin:

WHEREAS the requirement for multi-residential and commercial buildings to have a test maintenance hole installed has been identified as an impediment for certain developments by the Future-Ready Development Services Ad-Hoc Committee and the Planning Committee;

AND WHEREAS the installation of test maintenance holes is a requirement for multi-residential and commercial buildings with one or more connections to the sewage works under By-Law 2010-188, “A By-Law to prohibit, regulate and control discharges into bodies of waters within city boundaries or into the city sanitary sewers, storm sewers, sanitary sewage works and all tributary sewer systems.”, known as the “Sewer Use By-Law”;

AND WHEREAS the provincial laws governing the zoning and site planning for multi-residential buildings have changed since the creation of the Sewer Use By-Law in 2010;

AND WHEREAS while the Sewer Use By-Law is an important tool for protection of the environment and for protection of City Infrastructure, the inherent risks are comparatively low for discharges from certain types and sizes of multi-residential and commercial units;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Greater Sudbury directs staff to undertake a review of the Sewer Use By-Law (2010-188) and provide a report to the Operations Committee by the end of the first quarter of 2024 on opportunities for changes to:

  1. the number of units within a building for which a test maintenance hole will not be required; and
  2. the size and use of commercial establishments which could be considered low risk and could be exempt from the requirement for a test maintenance hole.

As presented by Councillor Leduc:

WHEREAS the community of New Sudbury has realized residential and commercial growth in recent years and this trend is expected to continue;

AND WHEREAS this growth has led to increased traffic on Barry Downe Road at the Costco parking lot entrance between the Kingsway Blvd and Silver Hills Drive;

AND WHEREAS drivers are finding it increasingly difficult to exit the parking lot closest to Costco leading to the Kingsway Intersection and the Silver Hills Area, particularly at peak traffic times;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Greater Sudbury directs staff to conduct a study of the Kingsway Blvd and Barry Downe Road intersection, as well as the parking lot entrance to Costco, and to present a report to Operations Committee outlining the results of that study, together with information as to how the City manages private entrances to commercial properties, who is responsible for off-duty officers when required for traffic control during peak shopping periods, and whether there are opportunities to enhance this intersection or relocate it to improve traffic flow, during the third quarter of 2024.

As presented by Councillor Fortin:

WHEREAS Council resolution CC2022-96-A1 included supplemental road work rehabilitation across the City of Greater Sudbury, including Montée Principale and sections of Municipal Road (MR) 15; 

AND WHEREAS  the approved four-year capital budget identifies capital work in the sum of  $5,066,000 to be completed in 2027 on Montee Principale;

AND WHEREAS  the current condition of Montee Principale from MR15 to MR35 (3.5 km) is in terrible condition, such that it is of a great concern and a high priority for rehabilitation to the community;

AND WHEREAS  Montée Principale is also the primary access road to the Casino, and its present condition gives a negative image to all those who visit the community; 

AND WHEREAS  the improvements to Montée Principale identified in the 2022 Supplemental Road Rehabilitation Program, as updated to Council  on June 27, 2022, only provided temporary relief to approximately 400 m of the 3.5 km required;

AND WHEREAS this motion does not request any additional funding, or amendment to the scope of the project;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Greater Sudbury direct staff to alter the calendar of road work  for MR15 and Montée Principale to ensure that Montée Principale is completed in advance of MR15, as identified in the 4-year capital outlook budget approved by City Council during the budget deliberations in December of 2023;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that staff provide an updated report on the status of these changes in the capital outlook to the Operations Committee.

This report provides information regarding the results of a request from Ward Councillor Fortin and area residents for the installation of an all-way stop at the intersection of Montee Rouleau and St. Laurent Street.

This report provides information regarding a request to undertake a traffic study at the intersection of Labelle and Noel Streets in response to resolution CC2023-34, submitted by Councillor Lapierre at the February 7, 2023 City Council meeting.